BBB Accredited Business with A+ Rating - Conan Heating and Air Conditioning - Idaho Falls, IDDo you need help with heating and air conditioning in Sugar City, ID? At Conan Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer expert heating and cooling services. Feeling comfortable in your home is important. You don’t want to deal with a broken-down furnace, heat pump, or AC.

    Our trained technicians can help make sure you never go without heat or cool air for long. Our business has a BBB accreditation with an A+ rating, and we continually strive to improve the services we offer our customers.

    HVAC Repair in Sugar City

    On those cold winter days, it is essential to have proper heating. When something goes wrong with your furnace or heat pump, we can come inspect and fix it.

    Furnaces have multiple moving parts that can develop wear and tear over time. If you hear strange noises coming from your furnace, it may be a sign it is in trouble. Squeaking sounds can happen when the blower belt needs attention. If you have worn blower bearings, they can make a scraping noise.


    When you have a gas furnace, it can develop leaks. If you smell gas, shut off the gas valve and call us immediately. If you smell burning, it could just be dust that accumulated during the summer and is now burning off. But if the burning smell continues for more than an hour, reach out to us to come check on it. Musty smells can indicate mold or allergens that have built up. This could mean your furnace’s air filter needs changing.

    Gas fireplaces are a convenient way to heat rooms without ductwork. They can, however, become unsafe if the vents get blocked or gas leaks. If you smell rotten eggs, turn your gas off and tell us right away. If the vents aren’t working, it can cause a build-up of carbon monoxide. We can clean your vents and make sure your gas fireplace is in proper working order to help keep you safe and warm.

    If you have a geothermal heat pump, the refrigerant or water can leak. These devices also need their filters cleaned in order to function efficiently. The heat exchange coils can corrode over time and need replacing. Whatever the problem, our technicians can fix it.

    We can also help you with any AC issues, such as leaks, blowing hot air, or not turning on.

    Sugar City Heating and Cooling Installation

    We can install all your heating and cooling needs:

    We work with all makes and models and can make sure your HVAC systems get put in properly the first time. It’s important to install things correctly to avoid problems later on, and our NATE-certified technicians invariably do just that.

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    • Geothermal heat pumps
    • Gas fireplaces
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    Maintenance for Your HVAC Systems

    Setting up a routine maintenance schedule is essential to getting the most out of your heating and cooling equipment. When we inspect your units, we look for any repairs needed and test the devices to make sure they are working as efficiently as possible. We can save you money by avoiding expensive repairs and extending the life of your HVAC systems.

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