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    BBB Accredited Business with A+ Rating - Conan Heating and Air Conditioning - Idaho Falls, IDWhen you’re looking for geothermal services in Idaho Falls, ID, turn to Conan Heating & Air Conditioning. Many homeowners are opting for geothermal energy. It can be a convenient feature that benefits both you and the environment. Rest assured that our company is more than qualified to handle all your geothermal heating and cooling needs. Our doors opened to the public in 1947, and we continue to deliver top-notch customer service. We’re a family-owned business that gives back to the community through the Lennox Feel the Love charity program.

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    If you’re interested in geothermal products, we’ll be happy to answer your questions. We could even make a recommendation for your property.

    How Geothermal Works

    As the seasons change from spring to winter, temperature varies throughout the year. Some climates can range from scorching summers to ice-cold winters; Idaho Falls included. Did you know there is a pretty consistent temperature, regardless of climate or season, just below the ground? The ground takes in 47% of the sun’s heat energy and is sustained a few feet underneath the surface. Geothermal systems have the ability to draw from the energy in the ground. During the cooler seasons, the air in your home would be evenly distributed by reversing the heating process. Instead of extracting heat, it is pushed back into the ground. This inventive technology salvages the sun’s heat energy and supplies your home with central heating and cooling.

    Types of Geothermal Services

    Geothermal System Installation - Conan Heating & Air ConditioningYou can rest easy knowing that we can service all types of brands. Moreover, we can also work on both residential and commercial structures. Whether you’re looking to install your geothermal heating and cooling system in your new or existing property, our technicians will be able to complete the job with quality results. The installation works by using a geothermal heat pump. This pump uses the earth’s own energy and power for the entire household.

    Our technicians will install the pump in the best location in the house. We’ll also install the vents throughout your home so that your geothermal heat pump delivers optimal results. To keep our services accessible, we offer financing options on approved credit.

    Benefits and Information About Geothermal Systems

    Geothermal Heating and Cooling Repairs

    When it comes to repairs, our main goal is to have your system working like new. While we’re a Lennox Premier Dealer, we’re available to repair all types of geothermal heating and cooling systems. You can rest assured that we’re able to repair any type of geothermal heating and cooling component. We can repair your heat exchanger if it fails or if you need a complete replacement. In addition, we offer maintenance programs. The goal is to provide the necessary follow-up support when you need it. We want you to always have a comfortable property regardless of how hot or cold it is outside.

    Geothermal New Construction Services

    At Conan Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide planning assistance, installation and service for new construction customers in Idaho Falls. Residents building a new home will find our geothermal heating and cooling systems to be the best in the industry. When you choose to have a geothermal system installed into your home build, you’ll be able to incorporate the initial cost into your monthly mortgage payment. This additional amount to your monthly payment is generally less than the savings each month you’ll see by installing a geothermal system in new construction.

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    No matter how complicated your job may be, we’ll make it seem easy. Our crew is known for working quickly without sacrificing quality. If you’re interested in geothermal services in Idaho Falls, call us at Conan Heating & Air Conditioning.