June 18, 2012

WaterFurnace geothermal systems offered by Conan Heating & Air Conditioning in the Idaho Falls area are among the most energy-efficient geothermal solutions available. Get acquainted with our “Quadruple-threat” product line.

Envision Series

Envision Series geothermal systems are the best on Earth! Our entire line of Envision Series products are certified by AHRI, so you know we have the data to back up that claim. Seven single-speed and five dual-speed configurations ensure great versatility and customized geothermal system that meet your home’s needs precisely.

5 Series

Building upon the success of the Envision Series, the 5 Series from WaterFurnace provides all the efficiency that you’ve come to expect plus more. Features include forced air heating, air conditioning, and can help your utility bills by providing some “free” hot water. It also contains the Aurora control system, which provides two-way communication between components in order to provide the ultimate performance and troubleshooting capabilities.

Legend Series

Legend Series benefits from a great balance between performance and price. With an EER rating of 18.0 you know you own an energy-saving geothermal system. Experience years of reliable service built on 25 years of research, engineering, and manufacturing knowledge.

Synergy3D Series

The Synergy3D Series combines the most comfortable way of heating (radiant heating) and the most effective (forced air) into one. This all-in-one convenient geothermal system provides a highly efficient ratio of heat; one unit of electric heat for every four equivalent units from the earth.

No matter which geothermal solution you are interested in, rest assured you are getting a quality product installed by Conan Heating & Air Conditioning. Contact us for more information about the options available to you today.

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