Most Trusted AC Company in Shelley

    NATE Certified Technicians at Conan Heating and Air Conditioning Conan Heating & Air Conditioning has been the most reputable AC Company in Shelley, ID, for more than seven decades. With the hot summer days in Shelley, homeowners deserve an experienced HVAC technician to offer complete air conditioning services to keep their homes comfortable throughout the year. Dependable HVAC service is necessary with the warm summers in Shelley. We have provided reliable air conditioning services in the region since 1947, and we strive to exceed customer expectations. Our NATE-certified air conditioning technicians service all AC brands. You can also rely on our BBB-accredited, EPA-certified, and Energy Star air conditioning company to offer your business or home the comfort you deserve regardless of the weather outside.

    Why choose us?
    • NATE certified
    • Energy Star certified
    • Exceed customer expectations
    • EPA-certified
    • BBB-accredited

    Experienced Shelley’s AC Company for Repair

    We at Conan Heating & Air Conditioning commit to repairing your air conditioning unit in Shelley when it develops issues. AC repair services are necessary to keep your home comfortable with the hot weather outside. We offer our clients convenient hours to ensure that we restore your home or office back to comfortable temperatures. When our technicians arrive in your home, they will inspect the AC unit for any faults. We will then let you know of the problems and how we plan to repair the air conditioning unit. You can then make an informed decision. We arrive ready to repair your AC unit with the necessary tools so that we quickly restore your home’s ideal temperatures.

    Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance Services - Conan Heating and Air Conditioning

    Signs your AC unit needs repairs:
    • Insufficient airflow
    • Warm air
    • Frequent cycles
    • High humidity
    • Water leaks

    Installations by Our Professional HVAC Technicians

    Older cooling systems are unlikely to perform at their optimum. AC equipment will naturally lose efficiency over the years. That’s why it’s advisable to replace your HVAC system if it’s older than ten years. A newer model will do a better job of maintaining the right temperatures, keeping your home safe and comfortable, saving on energy bills, and performing efficiently. Our team of installation technicians at Conan Heating & Air Conditioning will access your Shelley’s home energy needs and other factors and advise you on the right type and size of the HVAC system to install.

    Experienced AC Tune-Ups

    HVAC systems, just like other appliances in your home, require regular maintenance. Some of the benefits of regular AC tune-ups can include fewer system breakdowns, reduced costs, healthier air, and longer system lifespan. Our qualified technicians will inspect your HVAC units before starting the maintenance process. We will then clean your AC as we pay attention to dirt accumulation, lubricate moving parts, and will make sure nothing is out of the ordinary.

    Conan Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to offer our Shelley Clients quality and dependable AC services. Talk to us today to schedule an appointment with our experienced HVAC technicians.

    Not looking for an AC company? We also offer an array of professional heating services you can count on when the winter weather returns.