April 23, 2011

What is a Desuperheater?

There are a lot of innovative products on the market that seek to deliver hot water more efficiently. New technologies such as on-demand production, heat pump water heaters are just a few options available. The question is, do these options make sense here in Idaho Falls?

Before you buy a technology only capable of one thing, consider a geothermal system. An Idaho Falls geothermal heat pump WaterFurnace solution provides heating, cooling, and free hot water – all from a single unit.

A desuperheater captures the wasted heat normally produced by a unit’s compressor and uses it to modify the water. Although additional heat is created in both heating and cooling modes, the hot water advantage is greatest as the unit is cooling. In the summer, geothermal units run more frequently and can provide most, if not all, of your hot water. During the colder fall, winter, and spring months – when the desuperheater isn’t capturing as much excess heat – you’ll need to utilize your existing water heating system.

Waterfurnace also offers dedicated hydronic equipment that’s easily installed if you would to have geothermal provide 100% of your hot water needs. Like solar solutions, they qualify for the 30% federal tax credit. But unlike solar solutions, geothermal provides hot water 24 hours a day, rain or shine.

Hot water – it’s one more reason to change to geothermal. Set up an appointment today with one of our specialists to evaluate your needs, and decide if a WaterFurnace Idaho Falls geothermal solution makes sense for you.

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