January 10, 2019

One thing that we here at Conan Heating & Air Conditioning appreciate is that various sized buildings need differently sized heating units. You don’t want to have a system that’s too big, cause then you’re paying for more power than you need, and the entire point of a geothermal system is to be as efficient as possible. That’s why we provide Idaho Falls with geothermal units of all sizes directly from WaterFurnace.

You’ll find only the best WaterFurnace geothermal units available including:

Our experts will work with you to determine the perfect-sized system for your home. We’ll also be able to tell you the best installation method for homes here in Idaho Falls and provide you with advice on maintaining a healthy geothermal unit. This way you’ll get the absolute best return on your investment as possible.

Give us a call today, and we’ll be more than happy to help you start down the path of lower utility bills and more efficient environmental controls. If you need a brand new HVAC system, you really can’t go wrong with a Waterfurnace geothermal system from Conan Heating & Air Conditioning.

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