Mini-Split Air Conditioner Services in Pocatello, IDAt Conan Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re ready to work with any type of ductless AC unit in Pocatello, ID. These highly energy-efficient systems are a great way to cool a home, especially if it doesn’t have a central duct system. A Mini-Split Air Conditioner can consist of up to four individual indoor units that are all connected to a single compressor. The indoor units each have individual temperature settings, and you’ll be able to keep the different areas of your house at comfortable temperatures. These systems require minimal maintenance and can operate reliably for up to 20 years. Having an expert install, repair, or maintain your unit can ensure that everything gets done right the first time.

    Ductless AC Assistance in Pocatello

    Having an expert install your unit can give you the peace of mind that it will be set up for optimal operation. You can trust them to offer sound advice on which make and model of system would be right for your home and budget.

    There are many benefits to having a ductless system installed in your house.
    • Lower energy bills
    • Reduced carbon footprint
    • Temperature zoning options
    • Small and compact unit sizing

    If you think there’s something wrong with your ductless unit, you’ll want to have a professional assess the situation. They’ll have the skills needed to diagnose the cause of any problem and give you a cost estimate for getting it repaired. A professional repair will stand the test of time and restore your system to its full functionality.

    Mini-Split Air Conditioner Experts

    Ductless AC Assistance in PocatelloAt Conan Heating & Air Conditioning, we want to exceed the expectations of our Pocatello area customers with everything we do. Our company is family-owned and -operated and was established in 1947. We value each of our customers and want them to have a great experience when using our services. We give them ongoing training so that they can resolve any issues that they come across.

    Our shop is conveniently located off of West 18th Street in Idaho Falls and fully stocked with all the tools and parts we need to make a job go smoothly. We use Energy Star-certified products whenever possible. The best interests of our customers are always kept in mind, and we’ll take the time to answer any of your questions. With our high level of skill, we can serve the needs of both residential and commercial customers. We’ll stand behind the quality of all of our results. We also offer mini-splits in Idaho Falls. Not looking for mini-splits? We also offer AC services.

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    Find out more about our work with ductless systems in the Pocatello area by calling the team from Conan Heating & Air Conditioning today.