January 5, 2021

Winter weather has arrived in Idaho Falls, ID, so you’ll be relying on your furnace for warmth and comfort. If you have a gas-powered furnace, it’s important to be aware of what a gas leak smells like. The mercaptans added to natural gas cause an odor similar to rotten eggs or sulfur. If you detect this odor, follow these four steps.

1. Open Windows

If you smell gas in your home, open the windows. Only do so if you’re able to stay safe. Opening the windows allows the gas to ventilate to the outdoors. If you’re feeling confused, fatigued, dizzy, or nauseated, you should skip this step.

2. Exit Your Home

Exit your home. If anyone in your home has a breathing disorder or is elderly, help them get outdoors. Be sure to stand well away from your home. If the gas were to ignite, your home could explode.

3. Call for Emergency Repairs

Don’t call for help while you’re still in your home. It just takes one spark to ignite leaking gas. Avoid flipping on any light switches while in the process of evacuating. Once you’re out of the home and at a safe distance away, call us for emergency repairs. If anyone in your household feels sick, call 911 for emergency medical assistance.

4. Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Once your furnace is repaired, be sure to have carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home. You should have one placed about 10 feet away from the furnace. You also need to have one outside each bedroom. Install a battery backup in hardwired carbon monoxide detectors.

Conan Heating & Air Conditioning is the trusted provider of furnace repairs in Idaho Falls. Homeowners also count on us for affordable heating and cooling maintenance, replacement and installation services. Our geothermal and indoor air quality solutions are designed with your comfort, health and budget in mind. For more details about what to do if you smell gas coming from your furnace, get in touch with us at Conan Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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