September 17, 2021
Efficient Heating in Idaho Falls

Winter weather will arrive soon in Idaho Falls, ID, which means it’s time to start thinking about replacing your old, inefficient heating system. The most efficient home heating system for your house depends on a few things, including whether your home has access to natural gas or not. Use these three tips for choosing an energy-efficient heating system for optimal comfort now and for years to come.

1. Pick a High-AFUE Furnace

If your home has natural gas, a furnace is the most energy-efficient home heating option. Look for a furnace with an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of at least 95%. The top-rated models have AFUE ratings of 98%. This rating means that less than 2% of the energy used by the furnace is lost to flue gases. Energy-efficient furnaces feature intermittent pilots or electronic ignitions.

2. Consider a Heat Pump

When you need to replace your heating and cooling systems, consider a heat pump. These units perform both functions. Heat pumps use geothermal, air or water sources to transfer heat into and out of your home. Look for a heat pump with Energy Star certification. They use 30% less electricity to maintain indoor comfort. Heat pumps are a wise choice for homes without natural gas.

3. Install a Heat Recovery Ventilator

Heat recovery ventilators are accessories that work with gas furnaces. They’re installed near the flue of the furnace. These units capture heat that would otherwise be dissipated to the outdoors along with carbon monoxide and other flue gases. By capturing and reusing this heat to warm the incoming air, heat recovery ventilators lower the overall energy use of a heating system.

Conan Heating & Air Conditioning is the trusted heating system installation company in Idaho Falls. We also offer air conditioning installation and heating and cooling repair and maintenance. Our indoor air quality and geothermal products keep your home healthy and your energy costs low. For additional tips on selecting the most efficient heating system for your home, reach out to us at Conan Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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