June 14, 2022
AC Installation in Idaho Falls, ID

One of the things that creep up on you is HVAC noise. You usually don’t realize it at first, and then at some point, you cannot hear yourself think. Your HVAC system might be making various annoyingly loud noises, from rattling to banging to dripping sounds. Besides disturbing your peace, these noises usually signify a more significant issue. Or, maybe your heating and cooling system is old and has had its fair share of expected wear and tear due to constant use year after year.

Whatever the cause of the noise, there are some steps you can take to reduce the noise and maximize your comfort. Below are some handy soundproof tips on how to reduce HVAC noise for homeowners in Idaho Falls, ID.

1. Add a Sound Blanket

A sound blanket or sound curtain is a common solution for HVAC noise reduction. It’s affordable, easy to use, and doesn’t restrict the necessary airflow. In addition, sound curtains are not flashy or bulky, so they won’t affect the aesthetics of your home. Most sound curtains are made of vinyl and fiberglass materials, which absorb sounds perfectly. Although a sound blanket won’t soundproof your system 100%, it will significantly reduce the noise.

2. Place Your System Where You Cannot Hear It

Strategically install your HVAC system away from daily living spaces such as living room, patio, or bedroom windows. In addition, you can avoid installing your system near any narrow hallways because they tend to be hollow, which makes for sound amplification and unwanted acoustics.

3. Enclose the Unit

To offer an additional buffer against HVAC noise, it’s also wise to add a fence around the HVAC system. Some of the effective sound barriers include bushy shrubs, trees, and wooden fences. This way, you’ll “hide” your HVAC system while improving your yard’s aesthetics.

4. Upgrade Your HVAC System

This is not the news that most property owners in Idaho Falls want to hear, but upgrading your HVAC system could be the best option to get everything back on track. Modern systems are less noisy and work more efficiently. Even though your current HVAC system is working correctly, it still could be struggling to achieve the same results. As a result, it becomes clunky, needing regular repairs down the line.

5. Schedule HVAC Maintenance

If you notice that your HVAC system is making strange noises, it’s time to schedule a tune-up appointment with your local HVAC contractor. Our technicians will determine the cause of the noise and take the necessary steps to prevent the issues that cause the noise.

If you’d like to soundproof your HVAC system, contact Conan Heating & Air Conditioning today. We provide professional heating and cooling installation, repair, and maintenance and fireplace services in Idaho Falls and nearby areas.

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