November 18, 2022
Two-Stage Furnace in Idaho Falls, ID

When buying a new furnace, you have various options to choose from that will impact how much the new unit costs, how effectively it heats and how much energy it uses. Of course, the size and energy efficiency are important considerations, but you will always need to decide if you’d prefer a single-stage or two-stage unit. Here is a quick guide to two-stage furnaces and how they work to help you make a more informed decision on which unit is better for your home.

How a Two-Stage Furnace Works

Single-stage furnaces always run at 100% whenever they are heating. This continuous running is excellent for those frigid days when you need lots of heat, but there are also plenty of times during the winter when the weather is milder, and you don’t need nearly as much heat. This situation is where two-stage furnaces come in handy as they can automatically adjust how much gas they burn to run on around 60 to 70% power. The unit will always run on low power when it first starts and will only switch to full strength when the indoor temperature is far below the thermostat setting, or the outdoor temperature is much colder.

Pros and Cons of Two-Stage Furnaces

The most significant and obvious benefit of a two-stage furnace is that they typically use less energy since the unit will often run at low power instead of always at 100%, like a single-stage unit. As a result, whenever will burn around 30 to 40% less gas when running at low capacity. Another advantage of two-stage furnaces is that they run much quieter whenever they are on low power since they aren’t burning as much gas.

Two-stage furnaces can also help to eliminate temperature fluctuations or hot and cold spots in the home. They will typically run for a more extended period at a lower speed to ensure that the temperature in every part of the home remains more consistent.

The only real drawback to two-stage furnaces is that they are much more expensive than single-stage units. That said, the unit can make up for the price difference since it will use less energy and thus reduce your heating costs quite a bit compared to a single-stage unit.

If you’re unsure whether a single-stage or two-stage furnace is the better option, Conan Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help. We carry a wide selection of furnaces and can help guide you through the pros and cons of each option. We also specialize in furnace repairs and maintenance, and our team also works on air conditioners, mini-splits, geothermal HVAC systems, ductwork, fireplaces and indoor air quality equipment. Call us today to learn more about your furnace installation options or if you need any other HVAC service in Idaho Falls.

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