January 10, 2022
Furnace Buying Guide in Idaho Falls, ID

As furnaces usually last about 15 to 20 years, you’ll at some point need to buy a new one for your home. They’re a big investment, so you want one that’s energy-efficient and reliable. There are several things to consider when buying one.

High Efficiency

Look for the most energy-efficient furnace you can afford. New high-efficiency furnaces can save you up to 45% on your energy bills compared to older furnaces. Not only do they save you money over the long term, but they also operate more quietly and keep your home more comfortable.

Financing Options

If you can’t afford the up-front cost of a new furnace, look for HVAC companies that offer financing on approved credit. You may find options to pay it off between one and 15 years.

Conan Heating & Air Conditioning in Idaho Falls, ID installs furnaces and offers financing options. We’ve been helping families in the greater Idaho Falls area for more than 70 years.

Right Size Furnace

It’s critically important that you get the right size furnace for your home. One that is too small won’t be able to heat your home. It will also run continuously, which causes wear and tear and reduces its lifespan.

A furnace that is too powerful for your home is also undesirable. It will short cycle, which means it turns on and off rapidly. This reduces its lifespan and energy efficiency. Your home will be uncomfortable as it causes large temperature fluctuations.

NATE-Certified Technicians

Make sure the company you choose to replace your furnace has NATE-certified technicians. This certification means they’ve met the highest standards of the heating and cooling industry. They receive ongoing training and education, so they know all about the latest technology in our industry.

At Conan Heating & Air Conditioning, we install, repair and tune up heating systems. We provide the same services for air conditioners. Our team can also help you with geothermal systems and indoor air quality products and services. Find out more or schedule an appointment by giving us a call today.

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