May 10, 2023
AC Maintenance in Idaho Falls, ID

Central air conditioning is something you probably take for granted until there’s a problem. Even so, you shouldn’t wait until you experience issues before taking care of your AC. Regular maintenance is the key to reducing repairs, provided you have it performed at regular intervals. Here’s a guide that will let you know when it’s time to call Conan Heating & Air Conditioning for maintenance.

Importance of Seasonal Maintenance

Air conditioning units should generally be serviced twice each year, once in the spring and again in autumn. Semi-annual cleaning removes pollen, dust mites, and other particles that could slow your system down and cause it to become less energy efficient. It also ensures that everything is in good working order and allows you to catch small problems before they become bigger ones.

Many of our Idaho Falls customers put off routine servicing because they believe they can’t afford it. What they may not realize is that seasonal maintenance can prevent future repairs and improve energy efficiency. In actuality, keeping your unit well-maintained may actually save you more money in the long run.

Other Times You May Need Service

Aside from seasonal maintenance, there may be other times when you need to contact Conan Heating & Air Conditioning for routine service. These include whenever you:

  • Purchase a new property
  • Own multiple pets
  • Experience allergies or asthma
  • Notice a significant increase in energy usage

Helping Idaho Falls Customers Keep Cool

You’ve invested a great deal of money in your home’s air conditioner; make sure it works when you need it to by scheduling routine maintenance with Conan Heating & Air Conditioning. Contact us if you need heating or air maintenance, installation, or repair services or any of our other related services such as ductwork, sheet metal fabrication, water heater installation, or indoor air quality.

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