June 21, 2021
Cooling Solutions in Idaho Falls, Idaho

In the summer, it’s tempting to simply run your air conditioner when you’re home. However, if you don’t have a working unit or simply want to save money on your energy bills, you may want to skip it. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can cool your home without air conditioning.

Keep the Blinds Closed

Keeping your blinds, curtains or shades closed during very hot, sunny days can prevent as much as 30% of the outdoor heat from getting into your home. This is a very simple but surprising hack that can keep your home cooler by as much as 20 degrees.

You can take things a step further by getting blackout curtains that are neutral in color. They can insulate the room and reduce the heat by up to 33%.

Make a DIY Air Conditioner

You can keep cool without running the air conditioning at home by making your own DIY air conditioner. Get a large bowl, fill it with ice cubes, and place a fan behind it. When you run the fan, you’ll have a nice breeze that picks up moisture from the ice and mimics a sea breeze.

Set Your Ceiling Fans Counterclockwise

Ceiling fans work wonders at keeping you cool at home without air conditioning. Just make sure that you set them to run counterclockwise to circulate cool air. Once winter comes, they’ll go back to being set clockwise.

Use Exhaust Fans

If you have exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen, running them can make your home feel cooler. This is because exhaust fans eliminate the humidity that might be lingering in the air.

Create an Indoor Cross Breeze

Setting up two fans on opposite sides of the room is a great way to keep cool without air conditioning. While one fan pushes hot air away, the other works to create a comfortable cross breeze. This is an ideal method to keep yourself cool, especially at night when you go to bed.

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