March 15, 2022
Used Furnace in Idaho Falls, ID

It’s important to make sure that a used furnace is in good condition. Speak to the person selling the used furnace and figure out why it’s being sold. Also ask:

  • What type of fuel does it use?
  • How old is it?
  • Has it been regularly maintained?
  • Is it still under warranty and can the warranty be transferred?

Unfortunately, the reality is that many furnaces have been working hard for a very long time. That’s why we don’t generally recommend that our customers get used furnaces. If you do get one, it likely won’t be covered by a warranty, and there’s no guarantee that it will work well for a long time.

Seek Professional Assistance

Used furnaces have many parts that would have issues. Repairs could be quite costly, in addition to giving you a lot of stress and inconvenience. These would be the least of your problems, as a used furnace might cause major problems related to your home and air quality.

At Conan Heating & Air Conditioning, we’d be happy to assist you in finding an alternative. We might be able to help you find a refurbished unit or a model from the previous year being sold by a wholesaler or manufacturer. We know where to look for good deals, and taking advantage of our experience can give you peace of mind.

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