February 15, 2022
Furnace Filters in Idaho Falls, ID

The filter is an important part of any furnace. It protects you and your family’s health and helps you breathe easier while allowing you to be comfortable within your home. Once you start searching for replacement filters, you will find that there are several different types and sizes available. This can seem overwhelming unless you know what to look for.

Choosing the Right Filter

The filter works as a barrier between the furnace burner and the dusty air. It also protects you from breathing contaminated air. It is important to choose the right filter for your furnace. The furnace won’t be as efficient with the incorrect filter.

The Furnace Filter Design

Furnace filters are typically rectangular, and they have fibrous material mounted within a solid frame. Usually, there will be a filter placed behind the furnace’s intake cover, but others may be needed in the return vents as well. Filters come in a variety of sizes.

Type of Filter Needed

Filters come in disposable and washable designs. Disposable filters are easy because you simply throw them away when they get dirty, but this means you have to have extras on hand. A washable filter will last for years, but you have to take the time to thoroughly clean them on a regular basis. You will also find pleated and non-pleated filters. Non-pleated filters are less expensive while pleated models provide cleaner air.

Filter Thickness

Typically, a furnace filter will be 1 inch thick, but they can range from 2 to 5 inches in thickness. Thicker filters may provide better filtration, but they may reduce the flow of air and not fit in your furnace.

Use this information as a guide when shopping for furnace filters, but always refer to your furnace manufacturer’s recommendations first. Our indoor air quality experts at Conan Heating & Air Conditioning can also help. We serve the residents of Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas and offer indoor air quality solutions and a full range of heating and cooling services. Contact Conan Heating & Air Conditioning today to learn more.

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