April 13, 2021

In most cases, it’s best to shut down a furnace once the possibility of a late spring freeze has passed. There are several benefits to doing this annually. Our short guide highlights why and how this should be completed.

Why Should I Shut Down My Gas Furnace?

There are two main reasons to shut off gas-based heating equipment before summer begins. Both have to do with saving money. First, your heater will continue to use gas if it’s left on. This unnecessarily increases your gas costs.

The second reason has to do with the sensors and components of your system. A system left on will continue to operate. This causes wear and tear on parts and may require replacement sooner than normally required. In addition, gas furnaces are operated using electricity. Keeping the furnace on increases your power bill.

How Do I Shut Down My Gas Furnace?

You’ll want to hire a licensed professional to shut down your unit. End-of-season tasks include turning off the gas and the electricity connected to the unit. A skilled technician will know how to properly address your heater’s make and model.

Conan Heating & Air Conditioning can provide heating maintenance services for your home in Idaho Falls, and help close down your heater before summer starts.

What About an HVAC System?

If your HVAC has a gas furnace, it may not need to be turned off. Some HVAC systems share components between the AC and heater. This setup allows cold or hot air to flow through the system as needed. Consult a licensed technician for assistance.

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