July 20, 2022
AC unit freezing up in Idaho Falls, ID

A dirty filter is the leading cause of frozen AC equipment. The filter cleans the air that enters your cooling equipment. Over time, the filter can collect soil, dust, and different allergens. Accumulated debris can reduce airflow and cause HVAC coils to freeze.

If you have a frozen AC unit, there are a few simple actions you can take to get things working again.

Cleaning the AC

There’s another culprit besides the filter. Debris piled up in the ductwork blocks the airflow inside. The evaporator coil starts to condense and, as a result, freezing starts taking place. Cleaning your ductwork after every three years will go a long way toward preventing freezing.

Using a Fan Instead

When you notice frozen ductwork, switch off the AC and turn on the fan. The fan will circulate the air in your home. After some hours, you can turn your AC system back on, and if freezing persists, call a professional technician to service your equipment.

Steps to Take

First, try to thaw the AC equipment. Turn off the air conditioner, and then let the ice melt. Be patient; ice can take all day to melt completely. If you intend to spend your day elsewhere, be very conscious of any pets you leave behind in the house. You can also turn off the air conditioner but leave the fan running.

Never try to break the ice off with a heavy object or sharp instrument. Using such tools can damage important components and create other problems for you.

After removing the ice, dry the evaporator coils. Turn on the blower or fan if it was turned off. This circulates air around and through the coils, drying them quickly. When the coils are dry, your AC unit should work normally.

While it can be frustrating to discover a frozen AC unit, with a few simple steps, you can get the system working again. Performing basic maintenance and inspections of your cooling system every year can prevent issues from developing again in the future.

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